PS4’s New Generation of Video Games: The Generation of Rip Offs

PS4’s New Generation of Video Games: The Generation of Rip Offs

As what has been happening for almost 20 years now, when a new game console is introduced, new games come along with it. In this case, it is proper to say that introduction of the PlayStation 4 in the market also means introduction of new set of games in the game console scene. For instance, PS4 was only introduced last November 2013 and there are already more or less 500 PS4 games available for playing which may be acquired free or by purchase. Well, what can I say? Games run the PlayStation world.

The fact that there are more accessories for the PS4 than you might have the creative juices to imagine only makes the case better. From the PlayStation 4 Vertical Stand to Sony’s own PS Vita, there’s much more than you could fathom when it comes to PS4 gaming. Today’s console isn’t just a console, it’s a collection of games and accessories that make your free time something you always want to look forward to.

Upon introduction of such games as mentioned above, gamers around the world become excited from the idea of having new games to play.  However, since the time of the introduction of the later generation game consoles like the PS4, it has been quite disappointing for gamers who want to experience new world or new environment. The games introduced lately are merely spin-offs or so called sequels of games originally introduced before PS4.

A closer look at the title of the games for PS4 found in the PlayStation Store indicates that the disappointment of these gamers is indeed with basis. Most of the games in the store are titles of original video games introduced way before PS4’s creation. Familiar titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed, and Samurai Warriors are all present in the store. The only difference is that their attached to their respective original titles are numbers or subtitles which signifies a new installation. Not only this three games but a lot of the games found in the store are mere derivations of those that were introduced before.

It is true that these games may have a new setting or different set of quests or objectives but it won’t change the fact that the creation of such games was done based on their original titles. These games are merely rip-offs that copy the gameplay of the previous ones. As an example, the Assassin’s Creed has typically the same gameplay, what is changed is only the setting and the objectives. Same controls, same pattern.

Typically, under this discussion, it can be concluded that video gaming is dead. What is happening is a cycle of repeated games and a repetition of the same processes and patterns. Gamers need better games. And by better games, I mean not rip offs, not sequels, not repetition. There is a need new and fresh ideas.

The MMORPG That Took the World by Storm: Ragnarok Online

The MMORPG That Took the World by Storm: Ragnarok Online

MMORPGs or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game are interactive video games developed in the late 1990s where gamers create their own characters to level up and explore the game environment. These games are usually covered by a general storyline and the player-characters engage in quests to follow the storyline. By doing quests, the characters earn items, gold and experience that increases the level of such characters. However, the player-character also has the freedom not to follow the quests and just kill monsters on their own to level up.

The early 2000s served as the birth of one of the biggest MMORPGs based on a Korean Manga. I’m talking about no other than Ragnarok Online which took the world by storm back in 2002. This game is composed of different servers around the world and was first introduced in South Korea. It eventually established its general international and country-based servers.

The game starts by creating a novice character which has two experience bars: one for base level and job level. Base level is the actual level of the character while job level indicates the skill level and allowable skill tree of a character. Upon reaching base level 10 and job level 10, a novice will now be allowed to select job change to the first job level which may either be a swordsman, thief, archer, mage, acolyte, or merchant. This is called the job system of Ragnarok Online. Upon reaching certain job levels, the characters may again change job depending on their class. Job changes may be done for 4-5 times depending on the character. In Ragnarok, job determines the skills and the stats to be increased. That is why job change is highly suggested.

Another feature of this game is the War of Emperium where characters build a guild and fight each other to take control of a castle. In these castles, or better known as agits in the game, guild members may level up and store items. It’s a great disadvantage as compared to characters who don’t have an agit.

Ragnarok evolved from just a game to a public brand. It became the inspiration for an anime and even logo for local products such as notebooks and school supplies. It also became the inspiration of modern MMORPGs. New MMORPGs follow the pattern of Ragnarok Online where guilds are created and independence in an interactive online role playing game is emphasized.

However, all video games rise and fall. Ragnarok Online’s popularity declined as new online games were introduced. By the year 2007-2015, servers in China, Europe, Philippines, India, Middle East, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore shut down and merged with the International Ragnarok Online (iRO). This is because gamers tend to choose and try the new games over old ones. Ragnarok, being an old game, is somehow late to the advances that new games have. But the fact that it inspired a lot of games cannot be changed.

Original or Pirated Video Games: Is Pirating Worth It?

Original or Pirated Video Games: Is Pirating Worth It?

In this internet age, information travels fast, data travels fast. This fast mode of information and data exchange through the internet is very helpful in the advancement of our life. However, there is one downside to this fast travel of date and information. Information in the internet is not screened every time they are being uploaded or downloaded. Because of this, a lot of pirated information and date are available for internet users. This pirated date contains all forms of media including video games.

Video game piracy is a big problem especially for game developers. Because of piracy, the game that they worked so hard to develop and be sold in the market becomes playable for free. In this case, their expected income will be smaller than what they expected because gamers will not buy the game anymore because it may be downloaded for free.

Gamers enjoy pirated games whenever they download it and even share it to their friends. However, there are still gamers who buy the original copies of the game. The question is why do these gamers buy the original even though they may get the same game for free by pirating it in the internet? If this is the question, it leads to another question: Is pirating video games worth it?

Well, gamers who pirated the game and played it already may say that pirating is worth it. However, in my own opinion, playing a game using its bootleg version is not worth it.  True enough, the game may be played just like the original version but a bootleg version lacks the very element on why new games are being sold: the latest features.

A pirated version contains limited features that may be detected only for original copies because of the specific CD keys given upon purchase. Some features are locked by a CD key because it is the very reason on why a game was developed. These features define a game and differentiate it from other games. And this feature is what video game pirates are missing. What’s a purpose of a game if it is only played without the feature that defines it? Excitement or hype for a game is not all about its normalcy. It’s supposed to be about what’s special in a game. And gladly, pirates won’t be experiencing that. It all comes down to the fact that pirating a video game is totally not worth it. Buy the original rather than pirate the game.

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